Please note this represents tentative outline of schedule. Please check back soon for updates.

All competition activities will take place in the Arizona Ballroom at the Delta Hotel.

The Arizona Ballroom will be open at 4pm on Friday, June 24th and will be available until 10pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Arizona Ballroom will open at 9am. Competition events will start at 10am, continue throughout the day and conclude around 6pm.

The Arizona Ballroom will continue to be available for social time until 10pm on all days of the event.

Friday – June 24th

Starting at 4pm in the Arizona Ballroom

On-site check-in
Pre-Event Meet & Greet

Saturday – June 25th

Ballroom opens at 9am

1A Semi-Finals (90sec) starts at 10am

2A, 3A, 4A, 5A Semi-Finals (90sec)

Saturday – June 26th

Ballroom opens at 9am

International 1A (2min)

Womens 1A (2min)

Finals (3min)