National YoYo League Presents

2024 National YoYo Contest

June 21st to June 23rd, 2024

Since 1993 the National YoYo Contest has honored the best players in the USA.

Attention to all attendees:

The National Yo-Yo League is committed to creating welcoming and inviting spaces for all members of our fantastic community. With our 2024 National Yo-Yo Contest coming up this weekend, we wanted to make the NYYL’s position clear: we are openly committed to creating a secure, welcoming, and friendly environment, free from all racism, sexism, sexual misconduct, violence, bullying, and any form of sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse during league events. We will have staff on site who will aim to uphold these values, such that all attendees can enjoy the incredible event we have planned. We look forward to another great event with the community! See you in Philadelphia!


Gibb, Yeah that Gibb

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