2023 Nationals Pink Slip


This year at Nationals, we are excitedly hosting the NFK Pink Slips on Friday night! For those who have never played for “Pink Slips”, this is a reference to how street cars would race for car titles (or Pink Slips). This is a player vs. player challenge, where you have three tries to land your most impressive trick to an audience of your peers and pros. Keep your bangers sharp and make each attempt count, because the winner – decided by the audience – takes home the opponent’s toy!

There are a few basic ground rules to keep things flowing orderly, as well as some fun opportunities to “Risk It All”.

  • Each player must play with a toy of similar value. It doesn’t need to be negotiated like a trade, but keep things fair. If you step up with a $15 plastic throw, then your opponent is allowed to play in the same class. Wanna make things more interesting? Play for Draupnir’s.
  • Your three tries count when you step into the “ring”. You may exit the ring for maintenance/check throws, but you can not practice your trick outside the ring once you have started your attempts.
  • You do not have to try the same trick for all three attempts. Feel free to switch it up and try something different, but you will not receive any extra attempts at a different trick. Use all three tries on different tricks or on the same one, but be careful with your attempts and use them wisely. Once you’re done, you’re done.
  • If both players are unable to land a trick within three tries, both players will be given another three attempts for a second round. We will provide the opportunity for a third round if needed, but if both players are unable to land a trick after three rounds then there will be no winner declared.
  • There is no limit to style of trick, yoyo, or toy. 1A, 4A, 5A, Kendama, Tech combo vs. Banger. As long as both players agree to the wager and similar value is met (see earlier), audience decides solely based on “Wow factor”.


If you are lucky/talented enough to win your matchup, you are more than welcome to take your winnings and walk away! However, you do have the option to RISK IT ALL! If you would like to take on the next waiting challenger, use either toy you now own and run the next match. If you lose, both toys go to the new champ. If you WIN, then you are given the same offer as just discussed. Do you want to take your hard-earned winnings and call it a night? Or…

*If you lose after “Risking it All”, both your initial yoyo and winnings from previous round are given to the new winner. This is very similar to the concept of “Double or Nothing”, which we should all be pretty familiar with by now ;).

**You may attempt the same trick in your second match if you decide to RISK IT ALL, but keep in mind the audience may not be as impressed a second time. Keep your best tricks ready, just in case you want something fresh.

We will be more than able to answer any questions you have, but after the first few rounds get going you’ll get a good feel for the matchups. This is something we’re so excited to share with everyone, so let’s play!